Investigate your Jira
Every engineering leader strives to run an efficient organization. Without understanding where the bottlenecks are in the processes, it is not possible to achieve a high level of efficiency.
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Try the free Sherlock assessment tool for your Jira
The tool is meant to provide a glimpse of what LevelOps can discover in your organization. The Sherlock tool features include the following:
Analyze Jira hygiene

Analyze Jira hygiene across various criteria such as idle issues, issues which have missed defined SLAs, and many more.

Measure back and forth between issues

Between teams such as Customer Support and Engineering by looking at “bounces” and “hops” between various assignees.

Discover where issues are getting stuck

Where are your issues spending the most time, which engineers are taking the longest and in which states are the issues spending time.

Response and resolution time

Check how much time is it taking to respond and resolve issues. Set SLOs for first response and issue resolution, then measure how many issues are missing these SLOs.

Cluster similar issues

Together with Machine Learning, Sherlock differentiates systemic and symptomatic problems.

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